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It’s an exciting time to be in education. I'm the Systems Manager at McKinnon Secondary College and have spent the last 10 years working, consulting, training and building products for schools. I’ve never been more convinced that thoughtful design, paired with great technology is the best opportunity we have for rapidly improving education.

Pick a big problem facing the world today, improving education can solve it. If we want to truly accelerate education it’s how we embrace and provide technology that makes all the difference. My strength is in building confidence in technology. When teachers and students are confident to use technology we can start solving problems by working collaboratively with people anywhere in the world. These are essential skills needed to be successful in our knowledge economy.

I’ve been lucky enough to help hundreds of schools and school groups1 on their journey with technology. For these schools, success starts with a culture of innovation that’s driven by the students & teachers. My work has enabled me to keynote at Australia’s biggest conferences,2 consult to leading tech companies3 and have my work published in popular education based magazines and publications.4

It’s no secret that technology is transforming the classroom. In order to meet the dynamic needs of the modern classroom, teachers and students should feel confident to take risks and innovate. Implementing the right technology in our schools accelerates learning faster than we’ve ever seen. With better teaching and learning, anything is possible.

Blake Seufert

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